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Forecast for February to February If You Were Born Today, February 9: Aquarius the Water Bearer. You are a person who is very.

Pre-election polling suggests an even closer contest, with many forecasting that neither party will win the seats needed for a majority. Indians consult soothsayers for advice on a raft of subjects from whom to marry to whether to buy a house or strike a business deal.

Astrologers divided over next govt

Many businessmen, Bollywood actors and politicians have personal astrologers scrutinise their stars closely to determine auspicious days to hold functions, release a movie or make political announcements. The success of their predictions is yet unproven. The BJP's moon sign is Scorpio," he explains. He sees the elections being "extremely volatile" because they were apparently declared at an inauspicious time, "when the sun was setting instead of rising", and that they may witness more violence between India and Pakistan.

Narendra Modi govt adds 27 lakh young entrepreneurs to economy, releases Rs 85, cr to boost start-ups. Maharashtra Election Self-help groups in Gadchiroli unite to fight systemic discrimination against women.

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Andhra Pradesh, Telangana governments bullying media, promoting family-owned press to crush criticism. Turkey mounts offensive against Kurds amid mixed signals from Donald Trump, cites need to create 'safe zone' on Syrian side of border. Shanghai Masters Despite early exit, Andy Murray proves comeback from injury could have fairytale ending. Live Now.

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Punjab beat Baroda by 3 wickets. Bengal beat Tripura by 5 wickets.

Swearing in of Narendra Modi as Prime Minister of India

Rajasthan beat Services by 48 runs. Tamil Nadu beat Railways by 8 wickets. India Women beat South Africa Women by 8 wickets. Australia Women beat Sri Lanka Women by 9 wickets. Australia Women beat Sri Lanka Women by runs. Apart from the major political parties, that is, Congress and BJP, there are other regional parties too, which are gaining momentum in this highly talked about election. The result of the general assembly elections will be decided based on the party that wins the majority with seats out of constituencies. Chances of a hung parliament are high. Can Narendra Modi take on the big and established party like Congress and not to underestimate the third front?

Who would be the next Prime Minister of India? Is it going to be Narendra Modi or Rahul Gandhi? Will Narendra Modi have a successful national level political career?

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One of the most prominent leaders of the BJP, Modi devoted his life to politics, and is currently serving his fourth consecutive term as the Chief Minister of Gujarat. Mars the lord of zodiac sign — Scorpio. Scropio is a fixed sign and with Moon and Mars present in it, gives it qualities like stability, memory and ability to fight back or criticize someone sharply. His appearances in public have demonstrated how well prepared he always is.

He speaks his mind and is highly critical of every single aspect that does not go in accordance with his line of thought. The strong influence of Jupiter, weakness of Saturn and Mercury due to combustion and operation of Saturn Mahadasa at the time of birth resulted into birth in middle class family.

And, Narendra Modi had to struggle a lot in his life. In fact, he seldom remains away from being opposed; and every time Narendra Modi succeeded in overcoming the challenges.

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For success in politics, the strength of third and sixth houses are very prominent. In politics, one has to get over his opponent to prove his point which results in victory. Yogakaraka Saturn and Venus both are casting their auspicious aspect over Jupiter; making Jupiter extremely strong. The sixth house is occupied by Rahu, which is also a very favorable disposition of Rahu for victory over enemies; and Mercury and Sun are having their aspect over sixth house. Therefore, it is the strength of third and sixth houses along with Jupiter which made it possible for Narendra Modi to achieve uninterrupted victories in his political career.

Modi has the lord of 2nd speech and voice house is occupied by Mars and debilitated Moon. The signification for Second and Seventh houses Mars is placed in its own zodiac sign Scorpio and tenth lord Moon joins there in its debilitation sign.

Who will be India's Prime Minister in 2019? Scientific Astrologer Greenstone Lobo predicts

One cannot win Narendra Modi by force or argument or by opposing him till he continues to follow the traits of Jupiter. He speaks very carefully yet dominantly, he is a strong believer in cultural ethics. Narendra Modi became Chief Minister of Gujrat on 7 October and was elected for third time in continuation on 23 December And, as it had to be — it was a very challenging task for Narendra Modi.

The economy of Gujarat was reeling under the adverse effects of several natural calamities, including a massive earthquake in January