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Forecast for February to February If You Were Born Today, February 9: Aquarius the Water Bearer. You are a person who is very.

On art, music, books, movies, politics, life - sometimes with astrology thrown in. The entry of Senator Bernie Sanders into the presidential race is, by now, old news. He announced his intention to run early in the week. To match the pattern I've followed for other hopefuls, hats already in the ring, I'll peruse Bernie's natal chart for any clear signs of change of status, due in late For now, I'm limiting these posts to that process.

Anyone who read this blog in might remember that I was a firm Bernie Sanders supporter then. That has not changed. Bernie, for me, is "the real deal", has been since when he first came to my notice - a politician with focus always on what can, and should, be done to benefit "We the People".

There'll be more to write on the whys and wherefores of the campaign proper with its cast-list of hopefuls during coming months, for now all I'll add to my investigation of Bernie's chart is to quote closing paragraphs of an article by Benjamin Studebaker: Why Bernie Sanders Matters More Than People Think Bernie Sanders is a democratic socialist building on the legacy of Franklin Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson. He understands that inequality is the core structural factor in economic crisis and that growth in real wages and incomes is required for robust, sustainable economic growth.

He recognises that the Democratic Party must fundamentally change to tackle this problem. He has been an independent and kept himself separate from the party machine because he recognises how corrupt and lethargic it has become over the years.

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All the rest is noise. This is not about just this election, or just the next four years. This is about whether the Democratic Party is going to care about inequality for the next decade. We are making a historic decision between two distinct ideological paradigms, not a choice between flavors of popcorn. This is important. Choose carefully. One has Scorpio rising, with a birth time 27 minutes after mid-day; the other rectification, based on Bernie's history, has Gemini rising. The chart below is set for noon, so Moon position, as shown, will not be accurate, though Moon would be in Aries, whatever the true time of his birth.

Rising sign has to remain a mystery, absent further information. A reminder of the transits of outer planets in the time span under investigation: Between now and early November Uranus will traverse the last few degrees of Aries and up to 8 degrees of Taurus Neptune: between 14 and 20 degrees of Pisces Pluto: between 20 and 24 degrees of Capricorn Saturn: between 11 and 27 Capricorn Jupiter: between 11 Sagittarius and 22 Capricorn Born on September 8, , Brooklyn, New York City.

Right now transiting Jupiter is opposing the Senator's natal Jupiter, it'll be criss-crossing the same general area and back again in exact conjunction this summer. It certainly reflects the record-breaking huge Jupiter first-day fundraising haul Bernie achieved! Transiting Neptune will exactly oppose Bernie's natal Sun several times in coming months and during part of I'd interpret that as a warning to the Senator to be careful in whom he places trust - something of which I feel sure he is well aware, and will have chosen his new group of assistants with that in mind.

Still, though, there will be be members of the Democratic establishment and corporate media ranged against him, as well as President Trump and the Republicans. Transiting Mars will be conjunct Bernie's natal Moon exact dates depending on exact degree of Moon and natal Mars, while also opposing natal Venus in weeks surrounding the election in This isn't a sign of success, but an indication of significant energy or dynamism being present at that time; it could also be related to non-election issues.

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I have to say that I don't see, in the information available, any stand-out indication that Bernie Sanders' status in the public eye will change, or that his run will end in success, whether in the primaries or, if nominated, in the General election. The lack of time of birth is particularly frustrating in this case!

Much as it pains me to write it, if I had to bet on any of the people investigated so far, relying only on my astrology, bets would still have to go to Elizabeth Warren or to Cory Booker if his time of birth can be established as being accurate. But we do need Bernie's voice to remain in the mix - loud and clear! Heidi addresses the Libran dilemma. Should Rina wait for a possible partner to have a child or dive into the single parent journey? I have reached a crossroads in my life and I have been putting off making the decision.

I am a single woman who wants to have biological children. I would really love to do this with a partner, but I have not found him yet. I finally have become comfortable with the idea of doing this by myself, but I struggle with the idea of letting that dream go. Do I continue dating and give myself more time or just take the leap? What do the stars tell me? Thank you for your thoughts! Heidi addresses all the places to look for pregnancy or childbirth in the astrological chart.

I have wanted to be a mom my whole life, and for the past few months the desire has grown tenfold. Is something in the stars stirring this? Is there a movement coming that will help carry this dream? Heidi discusses Sarah's chart and the journey of healing-- from instability and addiction-- to standing in one's fullness and offering one's gift. Hi Heidi : Thank you for your wonderful podcast.

I JUST stumbled across a couple of days ago by looking up the word radiant. My question is in relation to my two biggest life challenges - or opportunities for growth shall we say ; I have had an eating disorder most of my life. I developed anorexia at the age of 14, and then became bulimic at around Since then, I have been on a slow and steady road to deep spiritual healing, self-love, bodily awareness, and mental strengthening that has allowed me to become my most authentic healthy self and express myself in a way that is balanced and fulfilling.

My question is in relation to how long it has taken me to move through the lessons and understanding involved in my eating behaviours and thinking pattens. I have done this almost entirely on my own as in, no professional help , largely due to a lack of financial resources at varying stages of my life. Interesting, as I am actually now a psychologist as well as a singer-songwriter : Creating a work that I love AND having it be financially viable has been my second challenge - to create a confidence in my financial flow and the energetic giving and receiving. I am wondering, does this align with my chart and being a Sagittarian - or am I drawing this out unnecessarily?

I do feel the strongest and the happiest I have ever been, but there are still some niggling behaviours and I wonder if I am hanging onto them because I am telling myself the road was going to be long. I also feel sad sometimes thinking that I am 36 and this is still a part of my life. At the same time, I think of the poem Ithaka that you shared love it! That I am right on track. That this is my fragrant journey to Ithaka.

Heidi talks about how a Cancer Rising can offer her gift and emerge from "behind the scenes. As I get older I am finding a real push toward expressing who I really am in public because not doing so is becoming extremely painful. Doing this seems to go against my nature or conditioning?

How can I use the energies of my chart to speak, communicate, and express myself to the world more? I find myself not willing to do it if authenticity is compromised. I would like to explore Chiron in Gemini a little more in the 11th house Or maybe there are some clues in less obvious places. Thanks Heidi! Ellen and Heidi discuss the upcoming season of Virgo. Heidi explores how to reframe the stories we tell ourselves about our astrological charts.

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I also love astrology and struggle with making sense of my four major placements being hypercritical and controlling Leo sun libra rising moon Capricorn, mars in cancer, Venus in Virgo. I wonder how much my birth chart has influenced my OCD symptoms and what I can learn to be more compassionate with myself and my mind. Heidi talks about relationships, intimacy and the 7th House, answering this listener question: Hi Heidi, Can we talk about the 7th house?

What does it mean relationship wise?

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Also my moon and Venus are in Aquarius, although I resonate with many Aquarian traits, I feel too emo. How do I make sense of these contradictions? Heidi answers relationship and career questions.

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  6. She talks about the Progressed Moon and how the 2 year cycle of the Progressed moon profoundly affects our lives. I have Venus on my ascendant which I love but it falls in the 12th house. The 12th house is still a bit murky for me Can you explain further? I am always just thinking it means that it is a hidden blessing or something that is veiled. I get it and I am also puzzled by it.

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    8. With Saturn being in my 10th, and that planet being about discipline and hard work to over time, achieve mastery…how best to work with astrology to take advantage of timing for making big moves, like a career change, or bringing a project to the public? I think of Chiron and the nodes as being places I need to learn and to heal. Is there particular resonance between the two with their placement in my chart?

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