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Forecast for February to February If You Were Born Today, February 9: Aquarius the Water Bearer. You are a person who is very.

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This smells almost as good as I look! Yes to life! Yes to staying in more! Your biggest enemy this month is your fear of being too little.

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Step into your power. Assert yourself and your boundaries, and get to work. Sweetie let me give you a quick affirmation. This month is truly offering you luxury and convenience, but in order to access it, you must reclaim the knowledge of your worth and with that, walk with conviction. The more you limit yourself and your ability, the harder it will be for your blessings to make their way to you.

Your biggest enemy this month is your failure to believe that your accomplishments are your own. You have done so many things that reflect your power.

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Look back and draw confidence from your successes in the same way you draw criticism from your failures. You are your only enemy, and you know the enemy well. Sometimes you may bite off more that you can chew and take on too many tasks or projects at once which kicks your anxiety into overdrive but if you take time this month to cultivate a self care routine and commit to it. Anxiedeez nuts. Even if you just want someone to talk to.

You are very creative, extremely talented, and deeply blessed. Analyze its moves and sabotage its methods. It would be unfair because everyone is cute in their own unique way.

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What you need to be focused on is staying consistent in the work you are putting in to achieve your goals. Be productive, but make it fashion. And make sure to include periods of rest and self care as a part of the productivity.

This month your biggest enemy is making comparisons as if anyone could compare to the one and only you. Yours and those of others. Accept your sensitivity as a part of your intensity and power. Being as sensitive as you are is not a weakness, it is a strength that needs to be harnessed. Now with this knowledge you need to understand that it is very important to deal with your traumas because it can become fairly easy to project that energy onto others. Your interactions with others always trigger something in you, and dealing with that split second of anxiety or discomfort is very good way to work on your power and trauma processing.

If you hide away from everyone no internal changes can take place. A new you is way closer that you think. Sex, Transformation and Death are and always will be your teachers. We humans are social animals and need social interaction to survive in this world. You have been planning a lot and this month you will finally be executing those plans, but not without the assistance of others.

You already know who and what to ask. Just ask for what you want and let go of trying to control the outcome. Your biggest enemy rn is not being able to clearly express your wants and needs, get on that. Normally you are tested several times before receiving something worthwhile, but this month is going to shower you with lucky circumstances and blessings.

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Your test is to not question them. Receive them with open arms and gratitude and they will stick around. Welcome them with doubt and constant questioning and the joy will be short lived. Trust your first feeling and not the doubt that comes after. Do we have a deal?

Because you will, and you will be born again. Love you lil sea goat! Get out there and take over the world you beautiful mastermind. This month is asking you to detach from everything and see what makes it way back to you. You are a priority, take care of yourself and as you do that, things that match the energy of your self preservation will flow to you with ease. The dead weight will sink when the tides rise in your heart.

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This month will test the strength of your relationships with people and energies. Prepare for an energetic restart. Breathe into it. Fill it up with your air. Go with the flow of things and trust that you will be taken care of. This month is challenging your trust in the strength of your connections. What are you willing to revolt over?

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The dreams blueprint that you have been whipping up, will now have an opportunity to become a reality, and this month is the time you will have to start the work to make that happen. Everything this month will turn out favourably, but only when you remember that you already have all the resources you need to get what you want and where you wanna be.

This month your biggest enemy is your habit of distancing yourself from others. Reach out when necessary. Everything is okay for you this month and that all you need to carry with you. That feeling of peace.

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  • Choose peace. Originally posted by tonelessidentity. Aries: Aries people tend to cursh on multiple people at the same time. Taurus: Taurean people only fall in love with those they really care about, so it might take them a lot of time to get over them. Often think about them, tend to get nostalgic and think about how things could be. Gemini: Usually get super emotional, like all at once, but unless they were really serious about the person, they get over them pretty quickly.

    Maybe the most likely to cry a lot. Cancer: Still talk about the person often like in front of their friends etc. Leo: One of the signs who are most likely to start crushing on someone else just to forget about this person, they might also like gossip and talk badly about them, even when they still secretly like them. Like they might even start dating someone but still think about the person they used to love sometimes. Never talks about it though.

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    Sometimes eats away their feelings. Scorpio: They might actually get over the person quicker than you think?? Sagittarius: Sagittarius people take rejection pretty well.

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    If they were serious, it can take them quite a long time, then they cry sometimes and think of the person a lot. Usually act as if nothing happened and barely talk about it. Aries have been participating in some self-deprecating thoughts lately, but being at war with yourself will only make your journey more difficult. You need to trust in the process and trust in yourself. Your own self-doubt is what is currently holding you back. You are where you are for a reason.

    You are currently experiencing a change of perspective when it comes to where you want to direct your life and how you are going to live it from this day forward. This birthday in particular marks the time that you have chosen to do something different with your life, because what you have going at the moment is no longer cutting it for you.